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fontweb.jpgTips To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Engraving Format

Monogram style is when the last name initial is engraved larger and in the center of the set.  The first name initial is engraved to the left of the last name initial. The middle name initial is engraved to the right of the last name initial.

Initials style is when the first, middle, and last name initials are engraved in the order that a name would read. The letters will be all the same size. 

Dates will be engraved in the numeric format mm-dd-yy. In the case that the month or day is a single digit, the zero prior to the actual month and day numbers will not be engraved.  For example, if the date to be engraved was March 4, 2014, you would enter 03-04-14 in the engraving spaces and the actual engraved product will read 3-4-14. 

Original Wedding Invitations will be examined by our engraving department and they will match the fonts as closely as possible given the fonts we have available at our disposal. We do not guarantee an exact font match to the original invitation. If the invitation is done by hand by a calligrapher, our engravers will use their discretion to select a font with similar qualities.  Wedding trays will be engraved horizontally. Trays hold a maximum of 13 lines of copy. If your wedding invitation contains more than 13 lines, please cross out the ones you would like us to omit before uploading the invitation. If your invitation contains more than 13 lines and you do not cross out additional lines, we will automatically remove every line after the 13th. Any graphics or designs that are on the original invitation will not be included in the engraving - these trays are text only. Please call us with any questions. 

*Engraved orders can not be returned. Any errors made while ordering are not eligible for return or credit. Therefore, please check and re-check your spelling and grammar carefully before submitting your order to us. We are not responsible for any spelling or grammar errors submitted by the customer.


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